How To Get Free Search Engine Traffic

There are many ways to get targeted free search engine traffic for your websites. In reality there are too many ways to get visitors to your website and I can’t explain all of them in this article. But I am going to discuss some of the top ways to get targeted and free types to your websites. We will look at the most important and powerful ways to get highly targeted traffic to any of your websites.

Article Marketing For Newbies

Article marketing can be considered the most powerful way to get high quality backlinks to your websites. The more backlinks you have to your websites the more unique visitors you will receive. Article marketing strategies are simple, but can be very tedious if you are writing the articles yourself. We are going to be writing articles that are related to the specific market we are trying to dominate. For example if we were targeting keywords in the “golf” niche we would write articles around these types of keywords: How to play golf, the rules of golf, how to drive the ball further, etc.

Basically you would write articles related to these topics and post them to your website. After you have created articles for your website we will then take those articles and rewrite them. You can get these articles rewritten pretty cheaply if you know where to look. Some of the best places to find good rewriters are,, and many others. But you don’t have to have someone rewrite these articles, you can do it yourself but I personally like having someone else rewrite them.

Using Article Directories for The Type of Customers You Need

After you or your writer has rewritten your articles we will then be submitting these articles to the top article directories. Article directories are sites that have thousands upon thousands of articles that have been submitted by other users. Google loves to see new content so what better place to submit good content then article directories. There are a few good article directories you need to submit your article to before you submit them to other ones. The top article directories you must submit your articles to first are,,, and

How To Set Up Your Articles

There are thousands of other directories out there but these four have high authority in the search engines so we submit to them first. Also, just before you submit your article make sure you put a link back to your website into the bio box. You want to put something like this “Name is a golfer enthusiast and player. If you want to learn more about KEYWORD, then visit Website url”.

Where it says name you would put your name or a pen name, and where it says keyword that is where you would put your keyword anchor text which you are trying to rank for. If the article you are submitting is about “driving the ball further” then you would use this html code <a href=””>driving the ball further</a> Then this keyword would link to the specific page on your website that is about driving the ball further.

What you have here is one of the most powerful ways to get free high quality backlinks to your website that will last for many years in the search engines. The great thing about article submission is these articles will last a very long time and they will continually keep bringing in customers to your websites. Getting free search engine traffic doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you are shown correctly how to do it. Good luck driving hoards of free visitors!

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Updated: January 10, 2016 — 10:37 pm
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