Short Article Marketing Course For Generating More Targeted Traffic To Your Website or Blog

One of the most widely used tactics among internet marketers is a strategy referred to article marketing. This strategy is one of the most basic methods to use when starting an online business and can increase your traffic as well as your exposure in the market you are targeting.

If you are trying to build a successful online business you are going to need to know how to utilize article marketing as well as creating lots of articles about the market you are. Check out this simple article marketing course I have written below and discover the secrets to this amazingly easy system.

Using The Appropriate System That Will Bring Results

This article marketing course is made to teach you how you can easily perform simple strategies that will increase traffic to your websites as well as properly linking back to your web pages. As long as you know how to write articles related to your niche you will be successful at this technique. It’s always important to choose a niche that you are familiar with and can write about successfully.

When you become experienced enough with internet marketing then you can eventually outsource most of your work. For now you should learn how this system works for yourself before hiring employees. Let’s discuss some simple article marketing strategies you need to know.

Writing Articles That People Will Read

The first I want to discuss in this short course is how to properly write articles. Writing articles is very simple to do you just need to make sure that you perform proper seo as you would with on site articles. For every web page that you have on your site you will need to create two rewritten alternatives that will target the same keyword or variation of it.

For instance if you have a site about golf and you are targeting the keyword “golf clubs” then you will have to create one article for your website and two others for inclusion into article directories. Your rewritten articles should have the keyword in the title and a couple of times throughout the article. Do not overdue this step because it may have a negative effect on your website and rankings. I suggest putting the keyword at least two to three times in the articles.

Anchor Text is Key With Article Marketing

Using proper anchor text is another important factor that I will discuss in this article marketing course. With the correct anchor text you will be able to get more targeted traffic to your home page as well as other web pages on your website. This way you will have link juice pointing to all your web pages throughout your site.

When you submit your articles for submission you are able to leave two links in the bio box at the bottom of your article. In this bio box you will need to put a call to action that has a link to your home page and a link to the keyword that you are trying to get ranked for. Here is an example of what you can put in the bio box:

For more information on [keyword] visit [homepage]

That is the basic setup of what you should use for the bio box. The keyword will link to the specific page on your website while the homepage will link to the homepage of your website. If you don’t know how to create a link here is the html that you need to use:

<a href=””>Put Keyword Here</a>

Now that you have gone through this short, but to the point course it’s time for you to go and utilize this technique for all your websites and web pages. This post gave you the simple basics that are needed to understand this method and how you can do it on your own.

Updated: January 10, 2016 — 10:34 pm
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